‘Hundreds’ A Rising Tide Raises All Boats

Hundreds is a slick new game for iOS that is abstract and minimalist:

I’ve played through the first 20 levels and everything about it is ultra refined and no element of the game is needless. Its visuals are as sharp and simple as the game, and the ambient music adds a nice feel. Even their website exudes the style of the game: playhundreds. I’ve yet to decrypt whatever the text messages you get every so often are as I’m not too much a fan of word puzzles, but I’m sure there is something clever to them.

I admit, I’m looking for this game to succeed for somewhat selfish reasons. I too have an abstract timing and puzzle game coming out this month and am a firm believer that a rising tide raises all boats. We’ll see if that actually works in practice I suppose. I know a lot of designers are very competitive, which I think is silly and unhelpful. The truth here is that Hundreds is a really high quality iOS game that you should buy and play.