Silverware Games, Inc.
Based in Delaware, USA

Founding date:
June 28, 2006


Press / Business contact:


PO Box 4068
Greenville, DE

(302) 229-7773, e-mail preferred


At Silverware Games, we make fun games to help people find fun in life.

We are creating the 'Matchyverse,' a series of games staring Matchy Star and friends. The Matchyverse has tons of interesting characters like sentient space ships Zippy, Skippy, and Bob, and exotic, intergalactic, out of this world locales including the legendary Xanadu, a pleasure palace in space.

The Matchyverse is ever expanding as we add new games in universe. We have already released 'MatchyGotchy,' a virtual pet idle game where you get to take care of Matchy and the other Stars, and 'Matchy's Kooky Cookies' a clicker tower defence where you defend Matchy's precious cookies. The heart of the Matchyverse is 'Matchy Star,' a puzzle match 3 twist coming soon on Steam.

We have a history of releasing unusually nerdy entertainment including 'Don't Shoot Yourself!' a puzzle shmup where you dodge your own bullets, 'Speedway Heroes,' a wacky kart race to the DMV including horses and UFOs, 'Composition J,' an abstract puzzler in the most artistic sense, and 'Strategery 2012,' where players become president of the USA "Avanced War" syle.

Since late 2000's we have released games for mobile devices, PC, Mac, and web browsers. We are hoping to start working on consoles soon. We love games, we love entertainment.



MatchyGotchy - Teaser 2018 YouTube

Don't Shoot Yourself - Trailer 2014 YouTube

Mayor Max - Tech Demo 2012 YouTube

'Kid The World Saver' - IGF Teaser 2009 YouTube


MatchyGotchy - January, 20182018_01_29_MatchyGotchy.png
SpaceBoss - October, 20152015_10_17_SpaceBoss.png
DontShootYourself - April, 20152015_04_10_DontShootYourself.gif
SpeedwayHeroes-NewArt - July, 20142014_07_26_SpeedwayHeroes-NewArt.gif
SpeedwayHeroes - June, 20142014_06_01_SpeedwayHeroes.gif
CompositionJ - January, 20132013_01_30_CompositionJ.gif
Strategery2012 - November, 20122012_11_06_Strategery2012.gif
MayorMax - April, 20122012_04_12_MayorMax.png
IGF-KidDevs - March, 20092009_03_27_IGF-KidDevs.png
KidConcept-HuaChen - February, 20092009_02_14_KidConcept-HuaChen.png

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Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF Student Showcase Nominee" - Kid The World Saver, 2009

Selected Articles

  • "There are a ton of reasons to be upset about what’s going on in the world, and it really makes me proud when something I’ve done has given someone a reason to be happy."
    - Michael Silverman, Tap Repeatedly - Amanda "AJ" Lange - 2014
  • "There will always be indies and that spirit of trying to change the industry will never die."
    - Michael Silverman, Game Career Guide - 2009

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