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30 January, 2013



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Abstract puzzler inspired by Piet Mondrian and Jezzball.


Gameplay Description

Draw walls, build combos, and clear 3D boxes in this minimalist puzzler. Keep a box on screen when another one clears to combo up. Balls only break through walls that are still growing so time your new walls carefully.


"Composition J" started as Silverware Games' first project, "Jezz Cubed," back in 2006. Players said the mechanics were good but some design decisions were weak including the aesthetics. Now in 2013 I have a better design perspective and have fixed the major flaws in its design. Stephen Webster, who has also composed for a number of Silverware Games projects, provided the dynamically composed sound track's unique sound based on his latest album "Acronyms Save Ink." Jordan Fehr, of "Super Meatboy" and "Hotline Miami" fame, among others, provided the sound design.


  • "Post-neoplasticism," based on Piet Mondrian's Neoplasticism, the art is composed of only axis aligned boxes colored red, yellow, blue and the non-colors black and white. "Fez" approaches this style but still includes some needless colors and unaligned boxes.
  • Dynamic music composition where higher combo layers bring in extra instruments as in "Bit Trip Runner."
  • "Juicy" design involving a tweener capable of animating even whole number values.
  • "Flow" mechanic where balls move faster as you score more combos and the player can drop down to a lower combo any time.
  • Quick relaxing way to fill a few minutes on the go with roughly 15-30 minutes of endless mode arcade style game play.


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Selected Articles

  • "Michael Silverman's Composition J is a love letter to both Piet Mondrian's work and classic Windows Entertainment Pack PC game JezzBall."
    - Mike Fahey, Kotaku

Original Soundtrack Inspired by Stephen Webster's "Acronyms Save Ink"
Available at: soundcloud.com.

About Silverware Games, Inc.

Silverware Games, Inc. makes games incorporating unusual source material and new game mechanics. Our titles include "Strategery 2012" spoofing the US presidential election, "Composition J" a love letter to high art and old school arcade games, and "Don't Shoot Yourself" a puzzle SHMUP with an original game mechanic now on Steam. We've released games for mobile devices, web browsers, PC, Mac, and Linux and worked with publishers like Valve and Ayopa Games. The goal is to make games that change the industry.

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Composition J Credits

Michael Silverman
Project Lead

Stephen Webster
Composer, Freelancer

Jordan Fehr
Sound Design, Freelancer

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