Jezz Cubed

All the fun of the classic JezzBall taken to the next dimension.

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About the Game

Jezz Cubed 3d JezzBall Jezz Cubed is a game of skill and logic. Several balls bounce around inside a cube and you must remove 75% of the cube's original size without hitting a ball. If a ball hits a moving wall, you loose a life, but if the wall reaches the edge of the cube, part of the cube is removed.

You can make walls in any direction by right clicking and rotate the cube to make walls in any dimension by using the arrow keys or dragging the right mouse button. Once you take away 75% of the cube you move on to the next level which has an extra ball.

Enjoy unlimited retro styled levels. As the game progresses, the logic required to solve the puzzle does as well. Separating balls and growing walls requires increasing skill combined with expert timing. What level can you get to?

Screen Shots

Jezz Cubed 3d JezzBall

System Requirements