Kid The World Saver

Help Kid save the world in this playfull epic.

Try Kid The World Saver Download the prototype for free!

The Concept

In Kid the World Saver you control the main character, “Kid,” indirectly. The game world is made of colorful blocks and you must help Kid reach his goal by rebuilding levels. As Kid awakens and the game progresses, the blocks become less constrained and more like toys. In this way, we hope to invite players to “just play.”

The Team

Kid the World Saver Core Design Team: Aditional Work:

Development Cycle

We prototyped the core mechanic of playing with blocks to control Kid over the course of a month. We then spent another 3 months polishing the game for GDC. We used c++ DirectX and the Box2D physics library to quickly prototype and design the demo.

Playable Demo

The GDC demo of our IGF Student Showcase Winner game is now available. Download the prototype for free!

Contact Us

We are looking to take the game to the next level, and would love to talk about potential opportunities. Please contact Michael Silverman directly at michael (at) silverwaregames (dot) com. Just replace the (at) and (dot) so I know you aren't a spam bot!